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Oh wow these comments are old...gonna miss this game

Will game paid  or free?

Hello! The demo and any updated builds of the demo will be free. Any expanded releases after the demo would be paid content.

I start to play this after The Glass Coffin n for the love of god i really love this game <3

Love the story line, characters especially Kazuto, he's sassy but he knows what he's doing, also love the art style (n ofc Lucas body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 

I can't wait for more updates for Honey Trap and The Glass Coffin.. Keep on work and good luck mate~

Hi! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed both of our titles! Thank you for the wonderful feedback!

its really so hard for me to stop on that spot . I really liked it wait no I adore it .this game is my fav yaoi /game  . thanks .cant wait for the full story

Thank you so much for the feedback, we are so glad to hear you enjoyed it!


Just played the demo, it was great! Very interesting, I really like Lucas and Jay, and of course Kazuto too. The three of them are very charming <3

Great work!

Thank you for your feedback on the demo! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed the story and characters!


damn thats an uncool place to stop the demo ahhhhh!!

love the demo thought


Thank you for playing and enjoying the game! Please look forward to the extended demo for more content.

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is it still continuing ?

If so whens the full release ? 

If theres a accurate date .


Yes, Honey Trap is still in development! The team is working hard on projects including this one, please look forward to a dev log in early/mid September! 

The full release date is tentative, but we're striving for some time in late 2020.

code name : Duchess

Do you have an idea of the price of the full game, when it will be released?

Hello, thank you for playing the demo and showing interest in the game! 

We estimate that the price will be about $15, but it is subject to change depending on the production costs.

The projected release date for the full game is in late 2020, but we are currently focusing on the updated demo in the meantime.


Just found this today and so far i ust love this demo and <3 <3 <3 cant wait for the full game! <3


Hello, we're so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! The team is working hard on an updated version of the demo, so please stay tuned!


I just played it and answered the survey. I really like the characters and storyline for now, and I hope to see more updates from this game! Good luck on your project!

Hello, thank you very much for filling out the survey! We're really glad to hear that you enjoyed the game, please stay tuned for more updates!


I already completed the survey, but I can't stress this enough: find better background images, especially if you want to put this game on Kickstarter. Those pictures are very low quality and commonly used in cheap mobile games. Not a good look at all

since it was a free game i can understand this. i do agree though.


Hello, thank you for leaving your feedback. 

Due to time restraints and the budget during NaNoRenO, I had to find specific backgrounds for free that matched the setting, but they were unfortunately low quality.  However, the latest build that I'm working on has updated backgrounds that are much higher quality. Please look forward to the dev log that will have detailed descriptions on the updated game build.  

- Wes