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[UPDATE 3/31/19] The beta version of the demo is now complete and submitted as an entry into the visual novel jam, NaNoRenO 2019! As this is still a beta of the full demo, which will be released in the coming months, we will be accepting feedback on the current build. To help us improve the game and participate in the quality assurance process, please fill out the testing form!


Professor Rei Sun is the ideal man—intelligent, good-looking, and successful. It isn’t until he meets the charming Dr. Jin Moon that the first cracks begin to appear on his seemingly perfect facade.

Genres: Psychological, Horror, Thriller, Romance (BxB), Mystery

Rating: M

Warnings: Explicit language and sexual content, depictions or mentions of violence, murder, suicide, alcohol, substance abuse, and other content that may be unsuitable for children and those who are easily disturbed. The game also includes flashing images and shaking screens.


Professor Rei Sun is paired with the well-renowned Dr. Jin Moon as part of the newly-introduced Loving Hearts Therapy Program at Kalroze National University. Although Rei is initially reluctant to participate, he's unable to resist the doctor's charms and agrees to become his first patient. The fateful connection between the two unearths dark and twisted secrets buried beneath the surface. Will Rei be able to confront the vengeful ghosts of the past or fall victim to his own mistakes?


Professor Rei Sun

Age: 28
Occupation: Professor, Department Chair of Philosophy

Professor Sun is the ideal man--intelligent, good-looking, and successful. What secrets are hidden behind his perfect facade?

"Like I always say, 'I'm here for money, not friends'. That's probably why I'm still single, though."

Personality: Calm, Intelligent, Reserved, Blunt, Confident, Judgmental

Background: Rei lead a fairly sheltered life, living in the world his parents created for him until he left for his undergraduate studies at Sylris College. Now a professor and the youngest Department Chair in the history of Kalroze National University, Rei has established a reputation as a well-respected and intelligent individual. Most of his life revolves around his work, with little to no time reserved for anything else.

Doctor Jin Moon

Age: 29
Occupation: Psychiatrist, Neurosurgeon

Dr. Moon is a man of many talents, one such being his ability to charm his way into anyone's heart. However, there's more to the charming doctor than meets the eye.

"I am but an ordinary man, Professor Sun."

Personality: Charming, Witty, Observant, Focused, Empathetic, Passionate

Background: As a member of the powerful Moon family, a major player in international and domestic business, Jin grew up with wealth and resources at his fingertips. As a result, he was able to attend the best schools in the country, eventually becoming both a licensed psychiatrist and neurosurgeon at a very young age. Jin is highly-coveted, both from a social and research standpoint.

Game Modes

The game has 2 different modes, Normal and Explicit, which can only be selected upon starting the game and cannot be changed mid-game. You can have multiple save slots for different game modes. Both modes contain mature content (on differing levels) and are intended for adult audiences only. Explicit R18 scenes and illustrations are only included in Explicit Mode.


Player choices will affect Rei's personality through the following stats:

  • Chaos
  • Submission
  • Intuition
  • Love

Influence Jin's personality through a mystery stat! What happens when the gauge is maxed out?

Some choices will only affect one stat, while others may affect multiple. The Explicit Mode of the game has additional choices that the Normal Mode doesn't have, so be careful what decisions you make!

Certain combinations of these stats will result in different endings, some that may come early in the story.


  • 2 Gameplay Modes: Normal & Explicit
  • Game Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • 1.5 - 2 Hours of Gameplay
  • Original Character Art
  • Multiple Story Branches
  • Meaningful choices that affect the story & Rei's personality stats
  • R18 Scenes & Illustrations (Explicit Mode ONLY)
  • 25,000+ words of content (Over 50,000 for the Full Ver. ONLY)
  • 8+ endings (Full Ver. ONLY)


Directing, Writing, Editing, Narrative Design, Misc. Art Assets: Renkka
Character Art & Design: Eightway
Programming, Editing, Animation, Misc. Art Assets: Ende
Background Art: Uncle Mugen, Sei.Chan, Dousetsu
Quality Assurance: Ende, Weslee Mok


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I just finished playing the demo and i was blown away to say the least: I'm very intrigued by the suspenseful story, I love the writing, the characters are very interesting and hot. The gameplay was smooth, fluent and i had a lot of fun. The art was beautiful: the characters as well as the backgrounds. The music was harmonizing as well 

I can't wait to see what happens next, what the both of them hide behind their perfectly made masks/faces (very handsome ones if i may add). I'm  also looking forward to the personality stats!!

Great job :)))

I already have a great idea of what's going on. I want to finish this so baaaddd. Any news on when this will be released?


Hi! You can refer to our latest dev log for an idea of when the game will be released. Thanks for the support!

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Great demo! The story  drew me in from the beginning and I was definitely left wanting more.  Rei is a very compelling and believable character which really helped draw me into the story even more.  Out of all the games from Crystal Compass I think I like the character art style from Glass Coffin the best, so kudos to the artist. Keep up the great work!  I can't wait to see the rest of the story.

Thank you so much for your feedback and support! We're glad to hear how much you enjoyed the game. We'll make sure to pass the kind words about the art to the character artist, Eightway, as well.


Ah, I love the idea behind this, and the stats system! Definitely going to purchase the game once it comes out, and support it during development! Good luck :)!

Thanks so much for the feedback and support!

Very interesting visual novel. Is it being worked on? I really liked it.

Hello! Thanks for supporting The Glass Coffin! The game is currently being worked on, with the extended demo scheduled for a tentative release in the first half of 2020.


Hey, first thing first! Congrats for the amazing work, the game seems really good just on the demo! So please keep doing this incredible fuc*ing work :D 

I would like to say a few points... I think it would be very good have a CG gallery. I know it's possible to print, but if it wasn't a lot of work it would be amazing and easier.

I would also like to see "tips" after the choices I make... like, I choose 1st option and then a little heart shows up to tell me that this specific choice affect my "Love Personality". This may not seem so interesting at first glance, but I particularly love playing my dates games more than once, making different choices and seeing where they can take me... I saw that you would add a tab to see the current stats, so tysm in advance.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We’re currently working on the extended demo of the game, which will have a CG gallery and stats page. We’ll also take a hint system for choices into consideration!

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just play the demo and it was good 

i can't wait for the full version keep up the good work

oh yeah Belle sprite art is hot omg :v i fall in love  ..... but her character......

wish we can at least make Belle be more kind person ( or befriend her ) on the full ver cuz ..... really i am just a girl who love girl lmao but whatever lol 

i'm curious what's that ??? gauge is ....cuz i still can't trust Jin yet lmao

( Rei deserve better )

Thanks for playing The Glass Coffin! We appreciate your feedback.

Please look forward to upcoming updates -- you'll definitely find out more about Belle, Jin, Rei, and all of the other characters soon!

hey i was wondering is that the only demo u have made cuase i got to the phone call and it said to be continiued

Hello! Yes, this is currently the only demo that we have.

Finished the current version and loved the game so much. I hope there will be an option to expose Belle and get her fired in the future, sis gotta go! Looking foward to seeing the rest!


Thank you! We're happy to hear that you enjoyed the game. Just like the other characters, there are a lot of possible outcomes for Belle, some that will come as a surprise. You'll have to wait until the full game to find out!

Just a quick question, Is there or will there be a way to check your stats?

Yes! In our dev log, we mentioned that there will be an updated build in the near future featuring a stats page and CG gallery, among other updates.

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I have a mac and when I downloaded the game it would not open! idk if anyone else had this issue or if my old girl is just finally giving out but I figured I should let you know!

Hello! Thank you for notifying us about this issue. There's a possibility it's a compatibility issue if you have an older Mac. Have you tried re-downloading the files? If any other Mac users also have problems opening the game, please let us know! We will be looking into it in the meantime.

If it's any help, my mac is a late 2013 macbook pro! I will say that I've never run into an issue running games from here on it before, I tried deleting the files and re-downloading  it but i get the same issue, after i grant permission it'll show up on my dashboard before just closing itself, I never see the start screen or anything.

Thank you for specifying. We were able to access a Mac and tried opening the game through the same permission override method and were also unable to open it. After doing some research, we found a resource that mentioned using an emulator on the Mac to be able to run the Windows version of the game, as there is a possibility our Mac distribution is incomplete. We will be uploading separate distributions for Windows, Mac, and Linux for our upcoming build, but we are unfortunately unable to provide a specific release date for that update. Hope this is able to help!

Thank you very much! i really appreciate the quick response and resource! I hope to play it soon! Again, thank you for responding to my message quickly, I really appreciate knowing that it's happening to others too because if it was just me it'd mean its probably time to replace my old computer and that 13-1500 price tag is no easy payment! I hope to play your game soon! (if i dont botch the emulator process)


Wow, I'm really impressed. I love being able to affect Rei's personality based on decisions, and still found him a wonderful and compelling character. Dr Moon also greatly intrigues me, and I really want to find out more about him and that mysterious stat of his. (gut feeling says its a yandere bar. xD)

I almost cried when I reached the end of the game. I want more already. It was so darn compelling and sexy.


Thank you for your feedback and for playing The Glass Coffin! We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed the stats feature and were compelled by both Rei and Dr. Moon. We'll be discussing about stats, the characters, and the story in our upcoming dev log, so please look forward to more updates (and figuring out what secret stat is)! 

It's so totally a yandere bar. xD (jk)


I already left a lengthy feedback on your survey but...I really loved this game! Rei was a really interesting and well-written character imo, and even though he was full of flaws I'm excited to follow his story. I'll look forward to updates!!

We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed The Glass Coffin. Thank you for the feedback, and we're excited to bring new and improved content in the near future!

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I suggest adding a "gay" tag to this game to make it easier to find in the future (for those who only want MxM content).

You have a picture of a screen showing the 4 stats but I couldn't find it in-game - will it be a feature in the full demo/game or is just a hidden statistic until we do a NG+? 

The demo feels well paced and the story was gripping enough that it left me wanting for more. Speaking of which, despite having some beef with Belle a small part of me can't help but feel like I'm turning into exactly what I hate about her - manipulative and conniving - at least based on the choices I made and the results I got thereafter.  It's... interesting and conflicting at the same time - makes me question the morality of my actions despite most of them feeling deserved. I feel like my character is growing from an ordinary guy to some sort of anti-hero, maybe even a troubled villain? Of course this is just speculation from my part but I think it's an interesting twist with plenty of potential.

Anyway, I can't wait for the full game! How much will it cost?

PS: And kudos to the artist, both Rei And Jin look amazing (and hot)! <3

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Hello! Thank you for your detailed and honest feedback. We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the game and the art. Eightway did an amazing job portraying Rei and Jin!

We're also glad to see that you noticed the contrast between Belle and Rei. That was definitely one of our aims, especially since choices can influence Rei's personality to a relatively large extent even in this early version of the demo. As for whether Rei is an ordinary person, anti-hero, or troubled person--you'll just have to wait and find out!

The stats page and CG gallery will be featured in our next build, which will be coming out in the next coming months. However, the stats themselves are already active and influence branching within the current build.

In regards to the price of the full game, are still details we need to work out, but if the game were to go commercial, a rough estimation would place the full release anywhere between $5-$10 depending on the amount of content and additional features in the game.

Thank you once again for playing The Glass Coffin!

(P.S. We appreciate the suggestion! The tag has been added.)

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I apologize for bothering you further but I wanted to ask - what inspired you to write the story behind The Glass Coffin?

I can't help but feel this game shares some similarities with a TV series from 2013 called "Hannibal"; Will - a gifted but troubled professor who joins forces with Hannibal, a very intelligent and charismatic psychiatrist to solve a myriad of crimes under the FBI wing. Of course there's more to them than meets the eye (a lot more...! but that would spoilers, lol) and the duo end up forming a special, dare I say, intimate-yet-subtle relationship with each other.


No worries! I'm more than happy to answer your questions. I don't know much about Hannibal, but I can see the similarities! There actually wasn't anything specific that inspired the story behind The Glass Coffin.

The plot was largely a spontaneous idea from around 2 years ago, though I think I was reading "The Shining" by Stephen King at the time. Overall, I thought it would be interesting to explore topics such as cabin fever and the human mind.

- Ren

HI! I did a small play through of it and I'm sorry in advance for how bad it turned into but here is a video for you!

Hi! Thank you for sharing, and we hope you enjoyed the game!


Great job with the game, especially with the visuals and soundtrack. I was impressed by how immersive this visual novel was the second I started playing. I also love how you've characterized the two main characters :)

If I may ask- what's the name of the background music that involves chimes, usually played in the nightime scenes for atmosphere? It's such a lovely backtrack and I've been unable to find it.

Good luck in the development for the rest of your game; I'm looking forward to the final product.

Hello! Thank you so much for your honest review.  We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed The Glass Coffin, and we'll definitely take your comments to heart when moving forward with the continued development!

In regards to the background music, I think you are referring to "High Altitude Bliss" by Eric Matyas. Hopefully that's the one you're looking for!


Thank you so much.

Quick question? Is the testing form for the download avalabe from Itch.io?

Yes. The testing form is for the current build of the game, which is only available to download on itch.io!